DYSNOMIA is a photographic journey to the limits of our perceptions, a world where the infinitely small is immensity, where forests are made of the same material as the stars and where fire dances with the shadows of men.

Alexandre Dupeyron probes the secret substance of things, constantly shifting and elusive, in order to take us beyond what they seem to be.

DYSNOMIA comes in three forms:

  • An exhibition, where he reinterprets his black and white photography in colour through the multi-layered gum bichromate process.
  • A book of the same title published by Sun/Sun Editions with afterwords from François Cheval.
  • A photographic performance, in which he mixes his photographs live in dialogue with the quintet, Theorem of Joy, on a musical piece inspired and written from the corpus of the book by the composer and double bass player Thomas Julienne.
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