For many nights, I went to lose myself.

In the mountains, in the forest, along the rivers or in the swamps

I walked, not knowing where I was.

Far from the cities, the silence of the night envelops me, my senses become sharper little by little. This fragmented vision that prevents me from knowing where I am transforms my fears.

From the quivering, I enter little by little in osmosis with this nature. I see myself as a child, in turn amazed by the rock, frightened by the quivering branch, hypnotized by the flow of the river. In the beam of my lamp, little by little my bestiary is born, everything is alive.

Soaking in the smell of the forest, I let myself be lulled by its sounds until dawn. Only the pale light of a shy sun gradually pull me back from this world of legend, bringing me back to reality, to these adult lives that take us away from the magical and the fantastic.

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