«  The light of the future casts the shadows of tomorrow » 

Sun Ra


Since 2006 we have become “homo urbanus”. For the first in history the majority of human beings are now living in vast urban areas, many in megacities and suburban extensions with populations of 10 million and more. In 2010, I moved to Singapore and started working on “RUNNERS OF THE FUTURE ”. This series repeatedly took me to Seoul, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Taipei, Shanghai and Beijing many times. Regardless of the city, it is the same absurd flight, the same noisy silence. I keep only an imprecise trace, a blurry image, like a distorting mirror we are all reflected in. 

This essay is creating a fictional megalopolis, as visual poetry, a photographic narrative questioning modernity and the position of mankind in concrete jungles.

It draws a unified fictional space in a dystopic metaphor of the generic city.

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