L’étale des Saisons

2012 — 2016 (Selection)

“The belief that one’s own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions” Paul Watzlavick

On my eye centrifugal movement, that of the child, is lost in the opening. I focus my lens on a fixed point, and balance in motion.

From West to East, I walk, I wander out and about with the intent of losing myself. Facing the unknown, I enjoy a deep precarious status and intoxicate myself with infinity. I grope toward the invisible horizon with the main discovery of my inner self.

I try to isolate the real out of her constant sensitive emanation, a need to connect visible and invisible, wanting to find in every gesture, and every split second, its moment of grace and poetry.

Blur becomes my ally, transforms the realities, brings silence, sensitivity and harmony to the noisy crowd of the net.

Each landscape experience, is a new acquaintance, an emotion constantly renewed, a solitary experience that says who I am out loud.

Nature floods me,

let’s me take,

let’s me drown,

everything is both present and absent.

Finally, symbiotic notes of my inner world and the one that surrounds me, my sight no longer only focuses on the landscape, it is the landscape.

Pantheistic dreams become absent from myself to face the truth of emptiness.

Visual impulses that I freeze at my pulse.

Time suspends its course, in image tailor, I shear reality and challenge fate.

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