Born in 1983 Franco-German, Alexandre Dupeyron discovered photography at an early age in his improvised darkroom, but it was only after passing through a degree in communication that he chose to devote himself to it full-time. His first documentary work, on the genocide in Darfur, was published in french newspapers and exhibited thanks to UNHCR in 2006-2007 notably at The World Centre for Peace in Verdun.

He studied then photojournalism at Emi-CFD in Paris and spent three years working for a moroccan weekly magazine and has been North Africa correspondent for international press. Then it will be Singapore, then India, freelance this time. Alongside his commissions for the press (Géo, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Der Spiegel, Stern, Beef, Brigitte...), he pursues personal work based on movement, mostly in black and white.

His artistic work has been published and exhibited internationally: Singapore, India, Germany, France, Vietnam.

The "Urban Monads" series (2012) will follow one another, "L'étale des saisons" (2014), "The Morning After" (2016), in which binds itself his interpretation of the world between fear and fascination, stopped passages, and permanent travelling. "Runners of the Future » (2010-2019) draws a unified fictional space in a dystopian metaphor of the generic city of tomorrow.

He recently published his first monographs “Dysnomia” with the publishing house Sun/Sun and has created a one hour performance, in which he mixes his photographs live in dialogue with the quintet, Theorem of joy, on a musical piece inspired and written from the corpus of the book by the composer and double bass player Thomas Julienne.

Past exhibitions

  • 2022 Fondation Manuel-Rivera-Ortiz, Fotohaus 2022, Arles - France
  • 2022 Centre d’Art Contemporain Photographique, Villa Pérochon, Niort - France
  • 2021 Photo Hanoi ‘21, Vincom Center for Contemporary Art, Hanoi - Vietnam
  • 2020 Promenades Photographiques, Vendôme - France
  • 2020 Galerie Arrêt sur l’image, Bordeaux - France
  • 2019 Villa FOTOHAUS-PARISBERLIN, Arles Voies Off, Arles - France
  • 2019 Galerie Arrêt sur l’image, Bordeaux - France
  • 2019 Under the Underground, Galerie Franzkowiak, Berlin - Germany
  • 2018 Monat der Fotografie OFF, Berlin - Germany
  • 2018 Lauréat Prix Maison Blanche, Marseille - France
  • 2018 Photoszene, Köln - Germany
  • 2018 ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin - Germany
  • 2018 Green Hill Gallery, Berlin - Germany
  • 2018 Arles Voies Off, Arles - France
  • 2017 Nuits noires photographiques, Bordeaux - France 
  • 2017 Arles Voies Off, Arles - France
  • 2016 Photoszene, Köln - Germany
  • 2016 Arles Voies Off, Arles - France
  • 2016 Kolga Tbilisi photo festival, Tbilisi - Georgia
  • 2015 Atelier Moonshine, Bordeaux - France
  • 2014 India Art Fair, New Delhi - India
  • 2013 Itinéraire des photographes voyageur, Bordeaux -  France
  • 2013 LAB Galerie Artyfact, Paris - France
  • 2013 Festival Manifesto, Toulouse - France
  • 2012 Agora biennale d'architecture et d’urbanisme, Bordeaux -  France
  • 2010 Art Fair - Singapore
  • 2010 Vue privée gallery - Singapore
  • 2007 The World Centre for Peace in Verdun, Verdun -  France
  • 2006 The European Council, Strasbourg - France

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