2010 — 2013 (Selection)

People of the Confines who vanish before we can know them

Seeing images from the inside, piercing substance, delving to the confines of the human mind, like a sleepwalker, his lens aiming a fixed point, Alexandre DUPEYRON balances with the movement. From West to East, he roams the world. His photography reconnects us to an environment whose geographic identity has no importance. He inhales and exhales between blur and high-definition. He seeks bridges. Inhabited by the desire to appropriate the passage between night and the dawn, Alexandre delivers his intimate view of life and traces his self in his photographs in intercrossing lines, the lines of memory.

From the shadows of limitless space, to an enlightened field of consciousness, he captures the colors of the soul that lie within each living being, each landscape. While the balance of the world is precarious, his adaptation helps us to resist. There are no states, no boundaries. Everything is the beginning of another territory.

In this interweave of two worlds, the subtle choreography hidden behind each of our choices is revealed: the amplitude of our acts. Capturing the essential while preserving a share of grace. Using blurred lines to denounce contours. Revealing without speaking. Searching without hastening. Remaining open to surprise.

The seeing artist captures the invisible creativity in each being, that of incessant metamorphosis. Beauty is indispensable to him to face the mortal fear of everyday routine. By battling time, he enters new spaces, carried by his love of nature and its living beings. Between a subtle world and reality, he reminds us of the fragility of existence and of the power of the soul.

Alexandre DUPEYRON questions the human essence. Be it substance or nonsubstance, it is fleeting. Between daydreams and new horizons, he travels on the borders of reality without leaving the tangible world, seeking a connection between ephemeral truth and primal mystery. Our monad, or perfect unity, is formed from the duality that engenders life.

Alexandre DUPEYRON welcomes us to this present, a transitory state, which will never again be the same in our memories. Each of us must adjust our focus.


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