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Dysnomia crosses matter and time.

Introspection of an organic world where the infinitely small is immensity, where forests are made of the same material as stars, where fire dances with the shadows of men. Two worlds meet: that of the living, with irregular shapes, revealing faces in the hollows of trees, where a shape gives birth to a movement, a blossoming; and that of the alienation of man, locked in, this world becoming too small for him.

"(...) Through his work, Alexandre Dupeyron has created uninterrupted conversations between his series that exude a feeling of universal matter, like a black hole. A luminous energy surges forth like a vital spring that requires an essential presence of being. (...) Everything is linked by sensitivity. Alexandre Dupeyron does not seek to dissipate photography‘s inherent ambiguity, capturing facts to better remodel them. It is in the substance itself, as in the essence of things – these inseparable elements – that we must search for our own nature. In this way neither clarity nor explanation can arise from contemplating the images, only a poetic combination of sensation, this thing that touches us, as we are confronted with unending spaces: a different idea of time that we can only perceive through displacement to another plane. Photography today, rid of event, affirms another presence. Alexandre Dupeyron‘s project is one of photography as pure delight, where pleasure, through representation, is to be found in the possibility of approaching the dizziness of the unknown."  François Cheval, extract from the afterword of the book.

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Article by Frédéric Martin

Article by Fabien Ribery

500 copies hand numbered and signed

price: 65 euros 

18 x 24 cm, 128 pages, two-colour printing, 105 black & white images, handmade binding, japanese binding, paper Arena Natural Smotth 90g 

Text in French and English

photographs and text: Alexandre Dupeyron 

SUN/SUN Editions

postscript: François Cheval 

editorial design: Typical Organization & Céline Pévrier

graphic design: Typical Organization 

photo-engraving: Fausto Urru

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